Binalayan Hidden Waterfalls


Tucked away in Samboan, Cebu, Philippines is a beautiful waterfall at the end of a quiet jungle trail, Binalayan Waterfall is also known as ‘Hidden Falls’. Locals has it, that people of this town took refuge and hide on this magnificent falls during world war 2.

The trail takes about 20 minutes from start to finish but provides a beautiful coconut palm-lined path and peaceful scenery. Most of the path is a steady dirt trail. Enormous palm trees cover the land.

You’ll be required to have a guide for this hike which will probably strike you as being silly since the trail is so well, flat, and short. However they will show you where to jump off the rocks at the last waterfall and help you get up there if your climbing skills need work. They’ll snap photos of you and even push you on the tire swing.

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