Bali, Indonesia
Tirta Empul Temple
Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Things to do in Bali in December

✈️ ₱2,753/$54.21 per pax MNL-DPS ROUNDTRIP via Cebu Pacific Seat Sale!


✈️ ₱1,200/$23.63 per pax CGY-MNL ROUNDTRIP via Cebu Pacific Seat Sale!

✈️PHILIPPINE TRAVEL TAX – ₱1,620/$31.90 per pax


1 night at Nau Villa Ubud(booked thru their website) – ₱7,673/$151.08

1 night at Satya House Ubud(booked thru Agoda) – ₱983/$19.36

3 nights at Liberta Seminyak Hotel (booked thru Agoda) – ₱4,569/$89.96

Note: It would be cheaper if you book your accommodation months before your trip!

✅Bring US DOLLAR not PHP, you will have bigger value of money if you exchange from USD to IDR, it will cost you more if you exchange from PHP to IDR directly.

✅Trusted Money Changer in Bali:

BMC Money Changer

Central Kuta Money Changer

✅Exchange Rate last December 16, 2019:

1 USD = 14, 041.2247 IDR

1 PHP = 268.5863 IDR


✅POCKET WIFI 10GB – 200,000 IDR for 5 days

✅Bring Universal Adaptor or you can buy at a Convenience Store like IndoMaret, Alfamart. CocoMart, Mini Mart and Circle K.

✅Bring Sunblock, Shawl and Sunglasses! I just noticed my sunburn on the second day of our trip!

✅Always bring small bottled water with you to avoid having the Bali Belly, drinking tap water is not safe.


🚖DAY 1 – Whole Day Tour – 500,000 IDR

📍Arrival in Bali – Ngurah Rai International Airport

📍Breakfast at Warung Makan

📍Omnia Bali – 200,000 IDR (General Admission)

📍Lunch at Iiga Warung Ubud

📍Check-in and Chill at Nau Villa Ubud

🚖DAY 2 – Whole Day Tour – 750,000 IDR

📍Floating Breakfast at Nau Villa Ubud

📍Check-out at Nau Villa Ubud

📍Tegalalang Rice Terraces – 10,000 IDR

Real Bali Swing – 500,000 IDR with entrance and all swings. 150, 000 IDR for entrance only

📍Teba Sari Luwak Coffee – Free Entrance. Luwak Coffee – 50,000 IDR

📍Ubud Art Market – Bought souvenirs here. Haggle all you can! Don’t get fooled!

📍Check-in at Satya House Ubud

📍Strolled around Ubud Center at Night

📍Dinner at Warung Lokal

📍Back at Satya House Ubud

🚖DAY 3 – Whole Day Tour – 750,000 IDR

📍Breakfast at the Hotel

📍Check-out at Satya House Ubud

📍Ulun Danu Beratan Temple – 50,000 IDR

📍Lunch Buffet at Mentari Restaurant – 150,000 IDR per pax

📍Wanagiri Hidden Hill – 100,000 IDR

📍Handara Gate – 30,000 IDR Entrance & 100,000 IDR for Drone User

📍Check-in at Liberta Seminyak Hotel

📍Dinner at Bli Crackling – 192,000 IDR for 2 pax

📍Party at La Favela – Free Entrance

📍Back at Liberta Seminyak Hotel

🛵DAY 4 – We decided to rent a scooter and strolled around the island on our own!

📍Breakfast at Hotel

📍Scooter Rental – 80,000 IDR

📍Kynd Community – 158,920 IDR

📍Lunch at Babi Guling Sote Ubud – 154,000 IDR for 2 pax

📍Tirta Empul Temple (2 Hour Ride from Seminyak) – 50,000 IDR Entrance & 20,000 IDR for Locker and Dress for Bathing together

📍Tirta Empul Market – everything is cheaper here!

📍Dinner and Chill at La Brisa Canggu – Free Entrance

📍Back at Liberta Simenyak Hotel

🚖DAY 5 – East and West Nusa Penida Tour – 1,640,000 IDR

📍Diamond Beach

📍Ruma Pohon Treehouse

📍Lunch at Lempeh Jungle Cottage & Restaurant

📍Kelingking Beach

📍Dinner at Chi B Chips for 2 pax – 450,000 IDR

📍Motel Mexicola

📍Sea Vu Play

📍Back at Liberta Seminyak Hotel

🚖 DAY 6 – Airport Transfer from Hotel – 150,000 IDR

🍽️FOOD: For food, it really depends where you want to eat. But going to restaurants or instagrammable cafes is a little bit expensive. 10% government tax will be added plus 6% to 8% service fee.


Ubud Art Market – you really need to haggle half of the price they give.

Tirta Empul Market – everything is much much cheaper here than Ubud Art Market.

💰ALL-IN EXPENSES: More or less Php 27,000/$531.63 each

✨6 days wasn’t enough for us and I will surely come back to Bali and visit those places that I haven’t been to. I promise that to myself! 🇮🇩

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